Do Wallet Globalization

The crypto craze is happening all around the globe; sparking innovation and financial services we could never have predicted or imagined.

Although wallets are the main tools for cryptocurrency transactions, we observed that almost none of the wallets with global reach were really localized, i.e. presented in a local language and context, and linked to relevant content and regionalized currency quotes. If the aim of the crypto wallet is to be global and borderless, it needs to understandable and accessible.. This is why, our initial feature set in developing DoWallet as a global cryptocurrency wallet involved the translation to as many languages as we could possibly target-- so DoWallet could be easily adopted (and adapted) in any region of the world.

As a team, we have deep experience in localization and translation from our CEO's board seat at Bureau Translations, and our tech team's experience creating tools for developers across more than 120 countries.When evaluating the latest and greatest we were pleasantly surprised, to learn that Google switched to a Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) technology. We knew we were on the right path of creating something scalable and cost-effective if we could leverage Google Translate for this task. You see, GNMT translates whole sentences at a time, rather than just piece by piece as it used to with their previously statistical machine translation engine and it translates more like a human speaking with proper grammar resulting in really amazing and accurate translations.

Right from the start, DoWallet dynamically loads and binds UI elements to translated resources based on the language used by the device's OS, or the preferred language set by the user from the configuration wizard. DoWallet takes care of displaying dates, numbers and even automatically local fiat currency conversions using proprietary indexing of crypto-fiat pairs (collectively, what we refer to as a Culture). In addition, translated resources are database-driven so users do not have to update the app as we introduce new languages or add additional translated resources.

What is even more impressive is the fact that translation is not just limited to UI elements but also emails, SMS and push notifications sent by our servers to the device as well as error messages so if a French speaking user is and types the wrong email to access his account the app will generate a translated warning  "Vous entrez le mauvais email, réessayez…". Automating and maintaining a dynamic database of responses across all languages is an exciting and challenging task which we are confident is going to provide a delightful and seamless user experience, independent of country or language.

A critical factor in this developing space is customer service. When dealing with their assets, users expect timely and decisive help if they have any issues or questions. Building a global support team from day 1 would be prohitibitive so we have created a solution to allow us to keep the app free and accessible while delivering great service. DoWallet leverages the same aforementioned translation technology to offer users the ability to write messages to customer service staff in their native language. DoWallet will translate to English and, once a response is crafted, then translate back to the target language improving communications and customer satisfaction.

Currently, DoWallet supports more than 30+ languages including (listed in alphabetical order):

Albanian, Armenian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

and, we will soon be supporting languages that use right to left scripts, such as:

Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian/Farsi and Urdu.

Despite its complexities and impact in the development process, when it comes to localization, we left no stone unturned; DoWallet is simply the best crypto currency wallet you can use, wherever you are or whichever language you speak. So sign up to become a Beta user and get started!